Welcome to my website, traveller! I go by IS4 and this is my homepage, a.k.a. my personal collection of links to things I've made.

Here's where to go next:

Me in RDF Collection of Cool Software
This is my own personal RDF database, describing myself. If you wish to know more about me or you are seeking to contact me, you'll find it there. This is a compilation of software that is useful or simply cool, various emulators and other niche things and retro stuff.
IS4 Code Blog SpeakerSoundtracks
My coding blog. I even write there sometimes. A database of soundtracks in various formats for one of my YouTube channels.
IS4 Archive Fishtank/Insaniquarium
An archive of various things I have gathered over the years. There is also an archive of YouTube videos collected since 2016. If you have a link to a dead video, you could try pasting it there and perhaps it might return something useful. The predecessor of Insaniquarium Deluxe. Not something I made, but I managed to find this old applet and compile it using CheerpJ to run (somewhat) in the browser, for old times' sake.
RPG Ontology
Albion Data
Games Database
UUID Tagging Authority
Other RDF databases that are hosted here: an ontology of RPG-related terms and a database about characters from Albion that uses it. Also a database of games I made as a school project using RDF. An authority that allows free minting of tag: URIs only based on UUIDs, in case someone needs this.
lid: URI scheme resolver My GitHub projects
A URI scheme I made for linking to RDF resources in datasets. The resolver can redirect to any dataset with a SPARQL endpoint, allowing easy linking to entities which may not have good URIs. Lots of other side projects, tools, libraries, and other contributions.
uri4uri urn:publicid: URI converter
I host the uri4uri here in case someone needs it. I've even added some new cool features! A converter of XML/SGML PUBLIC identifiers.

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